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At 9 a.m., sauces begin
simmering in the kitchen of
da Corrado Ristorante. "In
the morning we prepare
everything," says head chef
and owner Corrado Corrias.
All of the basic dishes at
Corrado's are made from
original family recipes
passed down from his
mother - secrets she
continues to keep a close
eye on to this day.
  Originally from Italy, Corrado worked in the food and beverage industry in Rome
while in the Italian Navy before meeting his wife and moving to Chicago, then to
Lake Oconee where he worked at The Ritz-Carlton for 10 years. He builds on his
Italian heritage to create "original italian" food exactly as you would have in Italy.
Traditional Italian, as opposed to American Italian,  means al dente
pasta, less sauces, and smaller portion sizes that allow you to eat all
courses from appetizer to dessert. Traditional dishes like lasagna,
eggplant parmiggiana, and chicken cacciatore are among his favorite
to make and some of the most popular on the menu.
"I like very tasty food. I like a lot of tomato sauce, olives, capers,"
he says. Family influences not only the way he creates his dishes, but
also the way they are served to the guest. Corrado teaches his servers
to establish relationships with his customers saying, "We want to create a
relationship with each one of our customers, to make them feel like family. We try
to recognize them by their name and understand when they come what their
preferences are." That relationship can prompt your favorite drinks on your table
when you arrive or vocal performances from Corrado himself, making you feel
right at home in this Italian escape.